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how you can use the Internet to get healthy and do good at the same time

Step 3: Healthy Websites

In my research, I found that individuals with a locus of control are more likely to use the web for health related matters and consider their experience using the web as useful.

Once you have built your internal locus of control through ways like volunteering, it is important to use the right resources to take control over important matters in your life, like health. The Internet has many resources, but some are better than others.

What makes a health website really helpful? A survey revealed that a website should:

  • be easy to understand (in laypersons terms)
  • have information that is thorough and of a good quality
  • have credible sources
  • be professionally designed (Hruska, 2012)

A website should not look like a sales advertisement.

The website providing health resources should be easy to use, professional looking, with rich graphics and interactivity- features that are tailored to the needs of the unique target audience.

The website providing health information should be up-to-date with fresh content, clean, and easy to navigate around.

Other important considerations are security and privacy. Read more here