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#1: Are you in control?

Do you feel like things happen to you, or do you make them happen?

Locus of control is defined as the feeling that you can control the circumstances in your life, such as your health, rather than other factors making things happen to you, like other people making you feel bad, luck making you win, or even God making you healthy. It is important that you feel that you are in control of your life circumstances so that you can take steps for positive change and achieve short and long term goals.

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#2: Get Volunteering!

One way to feel more in control of your health is through the simple act of volunteering. One study showed that 80% of people that volunteered in the past year feel that they control their health and feel better overall (UnitedHealth Group, 2013).

Fortunately, today, technology makes it easy to volunteer- doing what you want and how long you want, even from your own home. This option is referred to as online volunteering, but also called e-volunteering and virtual volunteering.

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#3: Go Online, Get Healthy!

The World Wide Web is full of trusted, reputable resources to manage your health. But, how do you know which resources are the best resources?

Online you can find information about specific health conditions, the latest health news and research, hospital and doctor reviews, health products, emotional support, and more.

It is important to know how to use these health resources online to the best of your advantage.

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